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Religious Education



In order to register your child or children in religious education, your family must be registered with the parish. Registration begins in late summer for the coming Fall semester.
Note: All Religious Education classes are held at the Good Shepherd Pendleton Site.
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Fees Sacramental Fees
One Child: $40.00
First Reconciliation: $20.00
Two Children: $60.00
First Eucharist/First Holy Communion: $20.00
Three or More Children: $70.00
Confirmation: $20.00

Coordinator of Religious Education


Mrs. Jennifer Ivanoski


2016-2017 catechists


Grade 1
Grade 6
Mrs. Mary Lynn Lefort and Debbie Clark Berny Fischer

Grade 2
Grade 7
Miss Amy Orlikowski and Mrs. Lyn Leising Mrs. BettyJo Grell

Grade 3
Grade 8
Mrs. Ann Metz and Mrs. Angela Clark Mr. Jesse Smith

Grade 4
Grade 9
Mrs. Michelle Bannochie and Mr. Eric Bannochie
Mr. Ed Dore

Grade 5
Grade 10
Mr. Don Metz Mrs. Barbara Mondello


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